New numbers of deadly weekend in Chicago released by police

There were 66 people shot, 12 of those were killed, in what’s been one of the deadliest weekends in the city. Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Superintendent Eddie Johnson are now expressing their anger and frustration.

Johnson went as far as saying every single shooting incident hits home for him and he is equally frustrated with those affected by gun violence, but he didn't leave behind some important statistics.

When talking about the performance of CPD officers, Johnson says it's because of their hard work that we've seen a decrease of violence.

For example, Johnson says there's a 20% reduction in murders this year and about a 17% reduction of shootings in 2018.

Johnson also mentions officers are cognizant of hot spots and they are monitoring them before they turn violent.

Johnson says it's the same people pulling the triggers in these communities who get a slap on the wrist when arrested, that’s why they need more serious consequences.

The youngest victim of this weekend's shootings is 11 years old, the eldest was 62.