Couples Court

Crawley v Pompey


Paternity Court

Elston v Elston More

"A marriage is on the line when a man returns to court with his wife and her newborn baby, to find out if another man has once again fathered her child."

Personal Injury Court


Protection Court

I'm in Prison in My Own House / 19 Years


Judge Jerry

"Case One: A mother and daughter are embroiled in a dispute as the daughter is suing her mother for wrecking her vehicle, while the mother is countersuing her daughter over a snow blower and ruined furniture. Case Two: Two sisters find themselves in dire straits as the older sister is forced to make car payments on a car that her younger sibling was supposed to make. "

Judge Jerry

"Case One: An Aunt sues her niece for destroying her car, failure to repay a loan and emotional distress. While the niece claims that her Aunt gifted the money to her and that the car accident was not her fault. Case Two: A dad sues his son for $3,000 for an unpaid loan. But the son insists that he doesn’t owe his dad one red cent and that he is being sued because his father is broke! "

The People's Court


The People's Court


Steve Wilkos Show

Grandmother Accused Of Molestation More

"Brittany has two young children with Joey and believes they were being sexually abused by their grandmother, Pamela. But Pamela claims this is a lie and that Brittany is the one that has physically abused her children. Joey is caught in the middle and doesn't know who to believe. But results from the lie detector test will give him closure. Plus, Dasheona says her ex-boyfriend, Gavin, would do anything to keep her from seeing their children. Gavin is accusing Dasheona of biting and burning their daughter and accusing her girlfriend, Brigette, of molesting the child. So today Gavin and his aunt, demand to get the truth. The stakes are high for these families, find out what happens next on a brand new Steve Wilkos Show."
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The King of Queens

Cowardly Lyin’ More

"Carrie gets tickets to an opera but Doug doesn't want to go so he has Deacon help him lie to get out of it. Carrie catches him in the lie which prompts Doug to confess to a series of lies he's been hiding. Doug then tells Carrie that the reason he's been lying is because she's too overbearing. They both agree to be "supportive" of one another but this only leads to more problems."

The King of Queens

Queasy Rider More

"Against Carrie's wishes, Doug buys a motorcycle which causes them to have a huge fight; Meanwhile, Arthur gets a job at a pretzel store."

Mike & Molly

School Recital More

"Molly is so focused on directing a school recital that she doesn't realize a fellow teacher is hitting on her. Meanwhile, Vince convinces Mike to join him in an unusual money-making scheme."

Mike & Molly

Joyce & Vince and Peaches & Herb More

"When Mike refuses to leave his comfortable couch, Molly decides to go out with her sister."



Raising Hell - Sam, Dean and Castiel call on Rowena to help keep the evil souls at bay and get an unexpected assist from Ketch.



This Year Will Be Different - Determined to move forward with her new life alone, Hope's latest hunt leads her on a collision course with the past she's been desperately trying to leave behind.

2 Broke Girls

And Martha Stewart Have a Ball, Part 2 More

"When Caroline and Max can't get into the Ball because of her Channing name, they struggle to find a way to sneak in so they can get Martha Stewart to taste their cupcakes. Meanwhile, Max tries to prove to Johnny that she not just the girl in the waitress uniform."

2 Broke Girls

And the Big Gamble More

"Season 5 ends with Max and Caroline learning that Han is in big trouble with a gang for amassing a hefty gambling debt on women's tennis that he can't repay."


The Marine Biologist More

"Jerry meets an old college classmate who asked about George, whom Jerry says is now a "marine biologist." An infuriated Russian writer tosses an electronic organizer belonging to Elaine out of a limousine that hits a passerby on the head. Kramer struggles with his golf swing and sand. While walking along the beach, George is called on to use his marine biology skills to save a whale. "


The Keys More

"After finding Kramer repeatedly using his apartment, Jerry demands that his neighbor return his set of spare, keys. Though apologizing for having misused them, Kramer later asks Jerry to return his own set of keys as well. Then, asked to keep a set of Kramer's keys, George agrees, but only after getting his own keys back from Elaine to make the trade. Declaring that New York is a dead city, Kramer announces he is going to California to find work as an actor. However, forced to abandon his broken down car and hitchhike, Kramer is picked up by a suicidal motorcyclist, a group of nomadic hippies, and a lusty female truck driver. Meanwhile, George is upset when Elaine asks him to return her keys so that she may give them to Jerry. When he is locked out of his own apartment, Jerry asks George for help in retrieving his spare set of keys from Elaine's. Although George- initially resists, he finally lets him in, where they come across a script Elaine is writing for the popular television comedy, "Murphy Brown." However, when she catches the pair reading her work, Elaine is outraged and, after giving Jerry his keys, demands that George return hers since he can't be trusted. Finally, as Jerry is instructing Elaine on the finer points of writing comedy, they suddenly notice Kramer in an episode of "Murphy Brown.""

How I Met Your Mother

Duel Citizenship More

"Barney encourages Robin to become a US citizen; Ted and Marshall embark on a road trip to a Chicago pizzeria, but things go awry when Lily comes along for the ride"

Family Guy

Hot Shots More

"Lois decides not to vaccinate Stewie to "save" him from an autism, causing Stewie to run away, and cause the town to have an outbreak."

Bob's Burgers

The Kids Run Away More

"Upon learning that she has a cavity and needs a filling, Louise runs away from the dentist's office and seeks refuge at Aunt Gail's. When Louise refuses to go home, Linda sends Tina and Gene to join her and bets her that she won't last the weekend with Aunt Gail's "craziness.""

The Game

Fits and Starts More

"Tasha and Pookie consider a relationship in which Malik disapproves of; Melanie and Derwin prepare to take D.J. camping when Janay shares some surprising news."

The Game

A Woman's Right To Choose Herself More

"Tasha deals with being Melanie's surrogate while Jason helps Chardonnay financially when she's spotted waiting at a bus stop."

Paid Program


Impractical Jokers

Three Men and Your Baby


How I Met Your Mother

Lucky Penny More

"A string of bad luck ensues when Ted picks up a penny on the subway; it culminates with him missing an important job interview… and possibly his destiny."

Supreme Justice


Couples Court

Fisher v Sample More

"A stay-at-home wife believes her deliveryman husband is sleeping with women he meets along his delivery route."