Put your Seinfeld knowledge to the test!

Can you quote every line from 'Seinfeld?' Are you a 'Seinfeld' expert? Well, we are putting your knowledge to the test. Can you guess who said these famous lines? 

To brush up on the famous quotes, watch 'Seinfeld,' weeknights at 10 & 10:30P on CW26! 
  1. "Maybe the dingo ate your baby."
  2. "Women don't respect salad eaters."
  3. "She’s one of those low-talkers. You can’t hear a word she’s saying! You’re always going ‘excuse me’, what was that?"
  4. "Just remember, when you control the mail, you control... information."
  5. "Whose going to turn down a Junior Mint?"
  6. It's not a lie...if you believe it
  7. "A tall lanky doofus, with a bird face, and hair like the bride of Frankenstein."
Put your Seinfeld knowledge to the test!

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