Judge Faith

Bad Boy Bailout More

"A mother bails her son out of jail after a DUI car accident he causes almost kills him. She wants him to grow up and demands he pay her back the money."

Paternity Court

Baylor v. Childs


Dr. Phil

My Wife Enables Our Mooching, Violent, Lazy Son Who Lives In Our Back Yard More

"Susan says she is desperate for Dr. Phil to help her 27-year-old son, JJ. Susan claims her son is a lazy, stealing, unemployed, violent moocher who refuses to support himself or his 4-month-old son because he prefers to waste his days lying around drinking while she foots the bill, so she kicked him out. Susan's husband, Steven, says his wife went out and bought a camper van and relocated JJ from his bedroom to the garden in the backyard where she continues to bring food and even money out to him. JJ claims his mother, Susan, is disrespectful and should do more to motivate him rather than constantly criticize him. Susan and Steven say a mooching son doesn't come cheap and claim to have spent almost $60,000 keeping up with the lifestyle to which JJ is accustomed. They also claim JJ has stolen upward of $28,000 worth of their most treasured possessions, including a diamond ring and a very rare coin collection to sell for money to buy alcohol and drugs. After witnessing several violent outbursts from JJ, Steven says enough is enough and points the finger at his wife, whom he calls the "ultimate enabler"."

Steve Wilkos Show

Encore: Did I Spend 4 Years In Prison Because Of A Lie? More

"On the Steve Wilkos Show, Sontay spent 4 years in prison for a crime he insists he did not commit. In 2012, he was arrested and charged with gross sexual imposition of a minor after his girlfriend Niquetta's daughter told a family member that he molested her. Sontay must now register as a level three sex offender for life, but his family believes that he is innocent. They also believe that Niquetta or her sister, Latasha, set him up. Sontay hopes to clear his name, but what will the results from the lie detector reveal? Find out the shocking results, plus an update you won't want to miss on today's Steve Wilkos Show."

Jerry Springer Show

He's A Cheater More

"Today, Ashley stepped to the dark side to prove a point to her sister Niyah. She's not a fan of Niyah's boyfriend Ohney because he's a cheater. To prove the point, Ashley baited him into sleeping with her. What will happen next once Ashley wrecked a once happy home? Plus, Nick says his fiancee' Casey tracks his every move. His cheating past has caused her to be this way, but when she finds out about his latest escapade, will she be able to forgive and forget? Then, Dee is hoping to be accepted by her boyfriend Gage's sister Khalilah. Why? Khalilah claims that Dee is cheating on Gage with another man, that other man, his own brother Corey. See why the heart is more powerful than the mind in these relationships on today's Jerry Springer Show."

The King of Queens

Ruff Goin' More

"Feeling hurt over not being invited to a block party, Doug adopts a dog just to prove to the neighbors that he's an okay guy—a decision he soon regrets. Meanwhile, Arthur falls prey to the gambling bug when trying to help Danny beat it."

The King of Queens

Mean Streak More

"As Doug is about to break what was once thought of as an unbeatable record, the tension between he and the guys at IPS mounts. For 18 years, Iggy Stenkowski's record of 951 consecutive perfect delivery days has remained intact, and the guys resent Doug as he's about to beat it and replace the legendary Iggy's plaque with one of his own. As he deals with his internal conflict, Carrie has trouble dealing with the fact that Holly, the dog walker, actually enjoys spending time with Arthur. She starts to wonder if her father really is as great as Holly thinks he is and that maybe she's the problem in their relationship."

Mike & Molly

Carl Gets A Girl More

"Mike allows Carl to bring a date to his apartment, so he decides to spend some time at Molly's house where he actually manages to bond with Molly's mother and sister."

Mike & Molly

Rich Man, Poor Girl More

"Victoria brings home a new boyfriend, James, (guest star MATHER ZICKEL), and the entire family wonders if he's finally "the one.""

The Game

He's A No-Good, Lyin', Cheatin...Honky-Tonk Man!

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The Game

Chardonnay Goes Kissing

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2 Broke Girls

And The Tip Slip More

"When a former employee of Martin Channing makes waves about writing a tell-all book, Caroline's father asks her to stand up for him Piers Morgan's talk show."
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2 Broke Girls

And The Spring Break More

"Max and Caroline find themselves staying in a fancy Manhattan apartment, when they get a job watching a couple's dog while they go on vacation."
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The Pool Guy More

"Elaine has tickets for an historical clothing exhibit and realizes that she has no female friends; Jerry suggests that she ask Susan. Kramer suggests that is the wrong move and that George's worlds will collide. Jerry meets his pool guy outside a movie, and then he can't get rid of him. George is worried by Elaine wanting to get to know Susan, then he finds out it was Jerry's idea. Kramer's new phone number is similar to a film information line. When Kramer keeps getting wrong numbers, he begins giving out the information for movie show times a la "Moviefone.""
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The Little Kicks More

"Elaine reluctantly lets George attend a party she is throwing at work. "Sweet fancy Moses" exclaims George when he sees Elaine dance at a party she's holding for her employees. She wonders why they've lost respect for her. Jerry gets 2 tickets to a premiere of a film. Kramer asks him to get an extra ticket for his friend Brody. Elaine thinks the loss of respect might be due to George's influence, so she makes him off limits to Anna, one of the women George talked to at the party. That "bad boy" image makes him all the more desirable. Jerry and Kramer attend the film with Brody, who begins to make a bootleg tape. Brody gets sick and has Kramer take him home, leaving Jerry to finish making the tape. Jerry worries about the implications when Brody likes him camera work and asks him to do another film. However, he complains about the quality of Kramer's work. Elaine finds out the truth about her dancing after she tapes herself. Elaine apologizes to Anna and George, which suddenly makes him undesirable. Brody won't meet Jerry's demands for equipment; George takes on the challenge, but gets arrested. Frank comes to bail him out and Elaine lets him know the truth about his son. Elaine's dance becomes a big hit on the streets of New York."
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Rules Of Engagement

Taking Names More

"Jeff and Audrey pick names for the baby in a strange way, Adam may regret spending a lot of money on a bike and gear."
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Rules Of Engagement

May Divorce Be With You More

When Audrey (Megyn Price) invites her and Jeff's (Patrick Warburton) recently divorced out of luck friend Steve (GuestStar: Tony Hale) to stay with them for a few days, Audrey thinks she may have become Steve's newest rebound.Meanwhile, Russell's (David S
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How I Met Your Mother

Unpause More

"Ted and Robin take advantage of Barney who drinks too much and get him to reveal his secrets. Meanwhile, Marshall tries to avoid fighting with Lily."
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Family Guy

The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire More

"After Peter discovers that Quagmire and Loretta are having an affair, he tries to rejuvenate Cleveland’s manliness."
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Impractical Jokers

The Great Escape

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Paid Program

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Couples Court

Johnson v. White

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The Verdict with Judge Hatchett

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Judge Faith

Sublet Scammer; Bling Bling Gone More

"A man rents an apartment and then illegally sublets it - the landlord thought they were better friends than that; A man trusted his ex with a gold bracelet, but claims she lost it and wants her to pay for the value of it."
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