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Valarie Moody speaks about brainchild business Fodeez Frames, which adhere to just about any surface...
Dwier Brown
Catapulted to fame for his role in ‘Field of Dreams,’ actor Dwier Brown visits to...
Earth Day Products
From skin and hair products to cosmetics and laundry items, we’re highlighting a slew of...
Did U Know? Shakespeare Monument
Chris DeRose uncovers the origins of Chicago’s tribute to celebrated English playwright and poet William...
Dinae Knox
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Videos tagged 'on the block'

Evan Shy: Shytown Fitness

Posted on April 7, 2014

Aly Bockler visited Shytown fitness and talked with trainer Evan Shy about showcasing muscles and his quest to become a champion bodybuilder.

The Flying Steps Breakdance Group

Posted on March 13, 2014

The Flying Steps Breakdance Group is bringing their amazing talents to Chicago for the Red Bull Flying Bach.

Q BBQ New Location

Posted on February 18, 2014

It's finger lickin' good and now it has a new location! Aly Bockler heads to Clark and Diversey to check out the new Q- BBQ.

Fleet Feet Sports: Chicago Marathon

Posted on October 14, 2013

Aly visited Fleet Feet Sports and spoke with Dave Zimmer about the Chicago marathon and the assortment of products offered for runners.

Great Chicago Fire Hydrants

Posted on September 18, 2013

The Great Chicago Fire Hydrants program features 101 oversized fire hydrants decorated by national and local artists representing Chicago’s 101 firehouses.

Long Grove Strawberry Festival

Posted on June 19, 2013

You & Me visited Long Grove to preview the berrylicious Strawberry Festival.

Summertime & The Dogs

Posted on June 18, 2013

You & Me was in the West Loop talking with the experts about everything you need to know about your dog and the summertime.

Fabio: Healthy Planet

Posted on June 17, 2013

You & Me caught up with Fabio to talk about love, romance, and his new nutrition line: Healthy Planet.

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