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April 24
Now: The Brady Bunch
Next: Roseanne
HILL 256
Kirby finds himself facing a court-martial after a staff sergeant claims that he ran from the enemy. Using their 48-hour pass, Sgt. Saunders and Caje return to the battlefield to look for the evidence that will clear Kirby of the charges.
My Three Sons
Steve's old Chinese friend transfers to Los Angeles and happily renews his friendship with the Douglases. He confides in Steve and Charley that he is concerned about the man his daughter has married - an aparently aimless hippie with long hair.
On Pupils’ Court, you'll see not every case is black and white - there may be some "gray area." Next, play along on the Brain Game and learn about idioms! Then, travel to space and learn about the planet Venus. Newflash: a chicken reports on eggs.
The Andy Griffith Show
Aunt Bee on TV
While the Taylors were in Hollywood, Aunt Bee won $4800 worth of prizes on a game show. She is the envy of Mayberry, until her friends think that she's gloating about her winnings. The IRS comes to call, telling Andy that he'll have to pay over $1100 in taxes for the winnings. Aunt Bee sells most all of the prizes to pay the taxes.
Little House on the Prairie
Enchanted Cottage
While teaching her students one afternoon, Mary walks toward a window that apparently allows her to see a bright light. The family's hopes are lifted when Doc Baker says that she is possibly regaining her vision.
Little House on the Prairie
12-year-old Dylan, who is suffering from a severe case of leukemia, refuses to abandon his dream of seeing the Pacific Ocean. Knowing that the task will be viewed as impossible by his overprotective widowed mother, the boy opts to make the journey alone.
Petticoat Junction
Residents of the Shady Rest Hotel are thrown into a turmoil when a talent contest is held in Hooterville.
Petticoat Junction
Billie Jo lands her first professional singing engagement, one night at the Flamingo Room in the Springdale Hotel.
The Beverly Hillbillies
Granny is worried about an Indian attack on their land, after hearing about a problem on the land. However, all it is, is a boundary dispute, which can be easily solved. But Drysdale is worried about losing the Clampett land and Granny is worried about an attack, especially when she hears they are visiting Beverly Hills. However, the two Native Americans who visit, Chief Running Wolf and his son Little Fox, come to talk and visit with Jed and Jethro.
The Beverly Hillbillies
Granny starts trying to find a sweetheart for Jed, which Jed is against. Jethro tells Granny about computer dating at Roto Romance, but Granny is against it. But once her potion doesn’t work, Granny looks into it. Jethro checks the place out to, attracting the secretary after she learns of his fortune. Granny goes there to put in a data card for Jed, but once Linda, the secretary, comes out, Granny isn’t pleased.
The Andy Griffith Show
Rafe Hollister Sings
Rafe Hollister, a simple farm man, with an incredible voice is encouraged by Andy to enter the Mayberry singing contest and ends up winning the contest.This is to the dismay of the Mayor and other officials who are not pleased that Rafe (whose appearance is less than perfect) will represent Mayberry.
The Andy Griffith Show
Opie and the Spoiled Kid
When a spoiled kid moves to town, he thinks he can walk all over the townsfolk, including Andy and Barney. Of course when his bike gets impounded and his dad wants to sell it, Arnold gets a rude awakening.
The Brady Bunch
Carol is out of town visiting her sick Aunt Mary and Alice is all prepared to take care of the Brady home. However, she sprains her ankle, after tripping on Chinese checkers, putting Mike and the kids in charge of the household duties. Meanwhile, her boyfriend Sam finds himself in a dilemma over whether or not to take someone else to the upcoming Meatcutters Ball.
The Brady Bunch
While shopping at Driscoll's Toy Store, Peter looks up to see a wall about to fall on a little girl. He quickly pushes her out of the way. This leads to immediate media attention and Peter is named a hero. However, Peter lets all the attention go to his head, annoying his friends and his brothers and sisters.
When Dan and Arnie struggle to bring their bowling team out of last place, some unexpected competition arises. Meanwhile, Roseanne feels shut out of Jackie's new friendship with Nancy.
The Back Story
After Roseanne throws her back out, Bev arrives to help out -- and to spoil her grandchildren.
I Love Lucy
Ricky Asks For A Raise
Ricky asks for a raise, but his boss (Gale Gordon) turns him down, prompting Lucy to prove just how popular a performer he is. Her scheme involves making a lot of bogus reservations at the club on the night that somebody else is playing, then show up in various guises (including Fred in drag) feigning indignation that Ricky's not performing--and leave in a huff.
I Love Lucy
Anniversary Present
Lucy thinks that Ricky is pitching woo with a sophisticated neighbor. The woman is actually a jeweler who Ricky has commissioned to fashion a pearl necklace to surprise Lucy with on their anniversary. Lucy takes to spying before the deal can go down and almost loses out on her big surprise.
Autumn Gifts
Cliff and Rudy try to convince thier elderly neighbor Mrs. Hickson of the importance of taking her medication.
Gimme A Break
Someday, My Prince
Nell is wooed by an African man who invented chocolate chip cookies in his African country. She is given a necklace by him, and is given a proposal to be his wife. She tells Addy that they should all move to Africa if she decides to accept his proosal, but in the end she declines it, when he tells her his mother wants him to marry a pure woman who hasnt had sex before. She is however, mad that she gave back the expensive necklace that she was given by him.
3rd Rock From the Sun
A Friend in Dick
Dick, friendless after his breakup with Albright, tries to shoehorn Officer Don into his life as best friend and constant companion... with mixed results. Sally shanghais the slickly popular dancer Peter Connelly ("King of the Jig") to Johnny Foam's Cafe as a sacrificial lamb for her moody artist boyfriend Seth, and is horrified to learn that rather than the dark and tortured soul the fell for, Seth is a poseur... and a jig fan.
3rd Rock From the Sun
Tom Dick and Mary
Tommy tells Dick he'd really like to meet a woman closer to his real age, say someone like Angie Dickinson. Sally says it's time for her to go out and look for a real job. Dick thinks Harry's watching far too much television and orders him to give it up for a week. Tommy goes to Mary's to return her magnifying glass that Dick has broken, and Mary observes how immature Dick is.
Hawaii Five-O
A burglary at the home of a well known island family sets off a series of events that ends in murder.
Dr. Herman Schultz, MD
Doc Adams's old friend is thought to be a thief.
Brazo, a retired gunfighter, attempts to keep his kid brother from taking up the family business.
Have Gun, Will Travel
Paladin is hired to bring in the killer of the sheriff in a Nevada town. He brings him in but has some doubts about his guilt and decides to hang around for the trial.
Have Gun, Will Travel
Paladin agrees to capture an outlaw in return for a statue belonging to the local mission.
The Bullwinkle Show
The Andy Griffith Show
Aunt Bee's Brief Encounter
Aunt Bee falls for traveling handyman Henry Wheeler. Andy soon realizes Wheeler is not as nice as he seems. So before things get out of hand, Andy explains patiently to Wheeler that he would not want his Aunt Bee hurt by any false promises. To emphasize the point, Andy holds the conversation on the porch while he cleans his shotgun. Wheeler prudently decides it is time to leave Mayberry.
The Andy Griffith Show
Mayberry goes Bankrupt
Mayberrian Frank Myers (Andy Clyde) is about to get evicted by the city council, when he discovers an old bond that the city of Mayberry issued 100 years ago. The City of Mayberry now owes HIM 350,000 and can't pay.
I Love Lucy
Bicycle Trip
The Ricardos and Mertzes pedal their way from Italy to the French Riviera. It's a bumpy ride, thanks (of course) to Lucy, who left her passport in her purse, which she locked in a suitcase, which she sent ahead to their hotel in Nice. That presents problems when they get to the Italian-French border.
Mission: Impossible
Rollin-as-Wayne orders the death of Jim, who is impersonating a federal investigator, without getting the approval of the Syndicate Council. With Jim's killing a a distraction, Rollin breaks into the safe at Syndicate HQ and duplicates the financial records. The Council, unhappy with "Wayne's" independence and the fact that the murder is attracting headlines, condemn him to death. Rollin runs, but at the last moment switches place with the real Wayne, who has received plastic surgeon to make him
Paid Program
The Lucy Show
Lucy at Marineland
Lucy and her son Jerry arrive in LA (it's explained that her daughter has gone to bording school and Vivian has gotten married) where, coincidentally, Mr. Mooney has also relocated. Because Jerry's favorite ball player Jimmy Piersall is going to be at Marineland, (the school was going on a field trip there but they couldn't take Jerry) Lucy coerces Mr. Mooney into taking them. Lucy accidentally throws Jerry's autographed baseball into the porpoise pool and she ends up in the water with the porpo
The Lucy Show
Lucy Meets Joan
Lucy's new neighbor Joan helps her get handsome Brad Collins to escort her to a fancy ball. What Lucy doesn't realize is that there is a Mrs. Collins.
My Three Sons
The day before her wedding Katie Miller feels she faces complete disaster. When Robbie tries to console her, she flares up at him and after a short argument, the pair declare the wedding is off. Of course, Grandma Collins thinks otherwise.
The Streets of San Francisco
A team of angry fathers, who are fed up with crime in their neighborhood, take a vigilante approach at solving the problem. During one of their rampages, a police informant is killed and the murder is blamed on the group. The murder leads to a narcotics ring, and Stone and Keller have to try to link the crimes together.
The Fugitive
Kimble meets Joe Tucker, another fugitive whom claims that he was wrongly convicted for embezzlement four years earlier and wants to return to his hometown to kill the bank officer he claims framed him. When Kimble is arrested for driving Joe's truck which was stolen, Joe's teenage daughter, Sarah, tries to get Kimble to reveal the location of her father claiming that the real culprit, whom died recently, had confessed to the crime before he died.
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