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Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures

Special People, Special Dogs More

"Connie Bombaci of Madison, Connecticut, is a special person. She has adopted two Dalmatians that are deaf and taught them sign language, along with her Black Labrador-Dalmatian cross breed. The dogs can readily interpret simple commands given in American Sign Language. Jack then visits some very special dogs at Fidelco of Bloomfield, Connecticut. Fidelco breeds, raises, and trains its own "breed within a breed" German Shepherd dog guides to be placed with blind men and women. Fidelco is a pione

Key of David



Revisit #4 More

"Hatched the new entrepreneurial show that gives inventors a shot at the American dream. This week, we're catching up with some of our favorite entrepreneurs to see what they've made with their companies since first being featured on Hatched."

The Andy Griffith Show

Barney's First Car More

"Barney uses his life savings of three hundred dollars to buy a new car. On his first drive, after he buys it, the car begins to fall apart. Eventually the car breaks down. A tow truck appears and Barney thinks its Gomer. It turns out that the tow truck is driven by the crook who sold him the car in the first place."

The Andy Griffith Show

The Rivals More

"Opie has his first crush, who ignores him. Crestfallen he turns to Andy and Barney for advice. Barney steps in and tries to give him his advice about women. Opie then develops a crush on Thelma Lou who takes him under her wing and begins to spend more time with him than with Barney, much to Barney's annoyance! "

Supreme Justice


Supreme Justice


Judge Faith

Part-Time Lover; Sibling Tug-of-War More

"A man claims his roommate, and part time lover moved out abruptly because she was jealous when he hooked up with other women; A family is divided over their late parents' home - he says it's his and the sisters refuse to move, but they say the house was left to all the siblings."

The Verdict with Judge Hatchett


The List


Celebrity Page


Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?


Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?


Mysteries of The Unexplained

UFO Crash Retrieval More

"For decades, eyewitnesses have reported UFOs crashing to Earth all over the nation. Most are never found. Some believe crashed UFOs may contain alien technology that could change the course of history. Could knowledge of crashed UFOs determine the fate of the human race? Join us, as we investigate secret UFO crash retrieval units."

Killer Mysteries


"A bizarre lover’s triangle turns lethal and a mother of two suddenly disappears. Cops investigate the missing person’s case but soon discover it’s the coldest of coldhearted murders committed by two jilted ex-lovers."

Impractical Jokers

Art Attack


Impractical Jokers

Takes the Cake


Jerry Springer Show

Flipped Out Females More

"Taylor is a stripper but insists that she's ready to take things to the next level in her relationship with her boyfriend Charlie. She's ready to get married and even wants to surprise Charlie by giving him a threesome involving her good friend Raven. Charlie wants Taylor to pump the brakes on the marriage talk and has his own surprise for Taylor, find out what. Next, Morgan discovered that her boyfriend Blake has a secret phone that has photos of naked women on it, including Morgan's friend Be
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Chicago Wolves Hockey

Chicago Wolves @ Milwaukee Admirals


Corrupt Crimes

Saints and Sinners More

"A wicked church minister, and a teacher falls for a student."

Corrupt Crimes

Stranger Danger More

"An internet love triangle leads to deception and murder near Buffalo, New York. On the outskirts of London, England, a romantic stroll through the woods ends with a brutal attack."

Forensic Files

Chief Suspect More

"An Ohio police officer finds his wife shot to death in their home, but the case goes cold until the recording of his 911 call is examined."

Forensic Files

Honor Thy Father