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Prank Thy Neighbor


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Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures


"Jack tours a horse farm where champion thoroughbreds are trained and visits an equine retirement center."

Key of David


Celebrity Page


Pickler and Ben


Through The Decades


Corrupt Crimes

Tragedy in Tucson More

"In 2011, a lone gunman sets off on a ruthless killing spree at an Arizona shopping center. His target a prominent Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords."

Killer Mysteries


"A predator turns the quiet town of San Luis Obispo into a hunting ground, preying on young, unsuspecting, college age women. Through persistence and the tiniest of clues, law enforcement finally tracks down the killer and brings him to justice."

True Crime Files


Forensic Files

Burning Ambition More

"When Seattle policeman Matt Bachmeier's house goes up in flames, fire experts suspect arson – possibly committed by someone with a vendetta against the officer. One month later, in an ironic twist, the officer whose home was torched, arrests low-level drug dealer James Wren, who confesses to the arson. But when the suspect vanishes, investigators start to question the authenticity of the so-called confession."

Forensic Files

Nursery Crimes More

"A police investigation of a pediatrician, after the mysterious death of one of her patients, leads them to a Texas hospital where the pediatric mortality rate was higher than at any hospital in the country. The common link was nurse Genene Jones, but proving the connection seems impossible until an international team of doctors uncovers an unlikely murder weapon."


Liar Liar #5 Special Edition More

"In Springfield, MO, Officer Wilson questions a suspect with two felony assault charges who claims he was attacked by two men—but fled the scene of the altercation because he didn’t think the police would believe his version of events. In Savannah, GA, Officer Collard witnesses a jaywalking suspect allegedly toss a bag of hydrocodone onto the ground as she’s being questioned by police. In Hillsborough County, FL, Deputy Perez assists a man who’s car was stolen while he was charging the vehicle


Busted! More

"In Springfield, MO, Officer Lord performs a traffic stop and encounters a male driver “tweaked” on methamphetamines. In Lafayette, LA, Officer Hardy stops a speeding vehicle, and upon questioning the occupants, learns that one of the suspects has marijuana hidden in his derriere. In Springfield, MO, Corporal Sweckard questions a suspicious person who was walking down a street with one of his pants pockets turned inside out, leading to the recovery of cash, drugs and a digital scale."

Live PD: Police Patrol


Corrupt Crimes

Tragedy in Tucson More

"In 2011, a lone gunman sets off on a ruthless killing spree at an Arizona shopping center. His target a prominent Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords."

Family Guy

To Love and Die in Dixie More

"The Griffins, forced into the witness protection program, move to a backwoods southern town."

Family Guy

Leggo My Meg-O More

"When Meg travels abroad to Europe, her exciting adventure comes to a halt when she gets kidnapped. Brian and Stewie embark on an action-packed mission to find her before it's too late."

King of The Hill

Bobby Goes Nuts More

"To Hank's chagrin, Bobby learns to protect himself by kicking boys in the groin."

American Dad

Pulling Double Booty More

"Haley begins dating Bill, Stan’s CIA body double, but things get complicated when Stan impersonates Bill in an effort to break up the pair."

Pawn Stars

Beam Me Up More

"The guys check out a postcard signed by legendary boxer Jack Johnson; some props from the original "Star Trek" series are brought into the shop; Chum decides he needs his own desk."

Pawn Stars

Free Agent More

"Lock and load with the Pawn Stars when a D. Moore pistol from the Civil War shoots into the shop. Owned by a black officer from Louisiana, will Rick charge into this negotiation with guns blazing? Then, the guys check out a wanted poster for heiress turned armed robber, Patty Hearst. Can they take this one to the bank? And later, the guys put together a team to compete in a quiz competition. Will they let Chumlee join, or would they rather win?"

The Game

There's No Place Like Home More

"Melanie and Derwin have an unexpected, unwelcome house guest."

Dr. Phil

From Christian Cheerleader To Car-Stealing Criminal: What Happened To Our Daughter? More

"Jacquelyn and her husband, Jody, say their 21-year-old daughter, Hannah, is a former cheerleader and Sunday school student who was always a loving child. But, according to her parents, out-of-the-blue, at age 15, Hannah got in trouble with police for stealing a bottle of perfume. And since then, Jacquelyn claims her daughter has lived a life of crime, which includes a criminal record for stealing and crashing a car, possession of drugs and resisting arrest. They even suspect she has worked as a

Impractical Jokers

Sound EffeXXX More

"When Michael announces he will not let Flaunt perform this year, fireworks erupt among Angie and the girls. Fajita Mike returns and establishes a rivalry with the new hibachi chef set up next door. One patron passes out, while another pulls a knife on security. Jesse makes a big money commitment that puts a wrench in Michael and Angie's secret post-rally plans."

Rules Of Engagement

Family Style More

"When Audrey (Megyn Price) plans a dinner date with Jeff (Patrick Warburton), Jackie (Guest Star Sam Harris) and Brad (Guest Star Orlando Jones), Jeff feels extremely violated when Jackie begins eating off his plate! Meantime, when Russell (David Spade) finds out his new fling (a psychotherapist), Ellen (Guest Star: Perrey Reeves), won’t see him as a patient, he quickly gets creative and decides to use Timmy (Guest Star: Adhir Kalyan) to find out why he is the way he is. "

How I Met Your Mother

Last Time in New York More

"When Lily discovers Ted's list of things he wants to do in New York before he leaves for Chicago, she becomes frustrated that she is the only person who knows about his plans. Robin and Barney try to find some time together before their relatives start arriving for their wedding."

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Prank Thy Neighbor


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