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Corrupt Crimes

Psycho Shooter More

"In 2011, a lone gunman sets off on a ruthless killing spree at an Arizona shopping center. His target a prominent Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. After killing six and wounding thirteen, police capture a disturbed, twenty-two-year-old suspect with shaved head and eyebrows with a bizarre history of behavior that should have been a warning sign of the massacre."
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Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures


"Jack visits a wildlife preserve and observes an operation on a giraffe, and reproductive studies on white rhinos."

Key of David



Eat Cleaner More

"Hatched is the new entrepreneurial show that gives inventors a shot at the American dream! Mareya, a passionate mom entrepreneur, has created Eat Cleaner, an all-natural fruit and vegetable spray wash that also helps prolong produce shelf life. She's seeking support from our investors and retail expert in the hopes of turning her product into a household name. Does she have what it takes to win over the consumers and convince the Hatched panel her product is worthy of backing?"

Paternity Court

Osbourne/Brooks v Osbourne/Patton More

"A 20-year-old woman wants her mother to finally tell the truth about her father's identity."

Judge Faith

LeBron Who? More

"The owner of a semi-pro basketball team confronts a former player over bills after he was cut from the team. NBA legend Jim Jackson gives testimony."

Judge Faith

Wicked Niece of the West


The Verdict with Judge Hatchett


Judge Alex


Judge Alex


Rachael Ray


Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?


Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?


Hot In Cleveland

Rubber Ball More

"When the girls try to join a prestigious Cleveland country club, Melanie tries to get close with a well-known socialite, who turns out to be a woman, Victoria attempts to retrieve her earrings after they drop into a member's cleavage, Joy reunites with "Opera Guy" (Jon Lovitz), who reveals himself to be a wealthy socialite, and Elka vows revenge on the Club's president for firing her from the club years ago."

Hot In Cleveland

Everything Goes Better With Vampires More

"Melanie breaks up with an intelligent professor (Craig Bierko), Elka gets into an argument with an old friend from the senior center (Georgia Engel), Joy sleeps with a Rick Springfield impersonator and breaks up with him when she finds out, and Victoria angrily fires the maid... all before a neighborhood break-in forces everyone inside and unable to leave the house."

Pawn Stars

John Hancock's Hancock More

"Rick has a hard time figuring out if an antique document signed by John Hancock is authentic or not. Also, a bullwhip from the "Indiana Jones" movies is brought into the store and the guys have to prove if it was actually on the set, and in the hands of Harrison Ford, or just an ordinary whip."

Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Legion More

"When an inner-city father and son are found with their throats slit, Detectives Goren (Vincent D'Onofrio) and Eames (Kathryn Erbe) discover that a series of adolescent boys have disappeared from the same intimidating neighborhood. When none of the locals will cooperate with the investigation, the cops suspect that someone is using the boys to operate an expensive bicycle theft ring. Their investigation leads them to a young recording studio owner (guest star Paul Calderon) who brainwashes his y

Law & Order: Criminal Intent

To The Bone More

"Logan and Barek investigate a series of home invasions that result in grisly murders and their search leads them to local foster mother Chesley Watkins who had a series of young men going in and out of her home throughout the years. One of the young men involved in the home invasions was one of her boys, and while trailing the young man, Logan shoots a suspect who was brandishing a weapon at him and Barek. When the suspect turns out to be a cop, Logan finds himself in the hot seat, and Barek st

T.D. Jakes

Turning Pain Into Power More

"On today's show, T.D. Jakes introduces us to guests that have found themselves in situations that no human should EVER experience and, despite their pain, have reclaimed their power after their horrific experiences."

American Dad

Stan of Arabia - Part 2 More

"After violating several laws in Saudi Arabia, the Smiths are sentenced to death by stoning; Roger is wooed by a powerful prince."

King of The Hill

Accidental Terrorist More

"When Peggy wants a new convertible, Hank makes the purchase at sticker price like he always does… and discovers that he’s been getting ripped off his whole life."

Cops Reloaded


Cops Reloaded


Celebrity Page


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Forensic Files

Treading Not So Lightly More

"In 1980, 4 year-old Vicki Lions was found in a parking lot. Unconscience and near death. There were no witnesses, no one knew what really happened. But Vicki's mother was determined to find out."

Raising Hope

Bee Story More

"Burt and Virginia go undercover to expose a corporate scandal that is killing all the bees in Natesville."

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