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Jolly Jam Gift Train

Every weekday, Monday, November 26 through Thursday, December 20, watch The Jam from 6-8AM as the Jolly Jam Gift Train pulls into the studio, adding another gift to the collection!

Jolly Jam Gift Train Newsletter Bonus

Wait, there’s more! We’re jumpstarting the giving with a special bonus giveaway, just for our newsletter subscribers!

Play the Jam

Each day, we’re picking a different viewer to appear live on “The Jam,” and play a game in a segment we call “Play The Jam!”  During the “Play The Jam” segment we will play one of our favorite games with a viewer and they can take home an awesome

Win a Rubber Chicken with Svengoolie! Enter for your chance to win a studio-used rubber chicken autographed by WCIU, The U’s horror host Svengoolie!