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The Jam & Cuisinart Cooking Set Giveaway

Time to get cookin’ with ‘The Jam!’

‘The Jam & Fruitful Yield’

The Jam would like to give you a chance to win a basket of gluten-free goodies from Fruitful Yield.

‘The Jam & Montalbano Furniture’

The Jam wants to give you the chance to win a $500 gift certificate to use at Montalbano Furniture!

Watch and Win with ‘The Jam'

Here’s your chance to watch and win with ‘The Jam!’

Play the Jam

Each day, we’re picking a different viewer to appear live on “The Jam,” and play a game in a segment we call “Play The Jam!”  During the “Play The Jam” segment one of two games will be played “Race The Loop” or “Spin & Win.”

Win a Rubber Chicken with Svengoolie! Enter for your chance to win a studio-used rubber chicken autographed by WCIU, The U’s horror host Svengoolie!