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July 24
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Petticoat Junction
The Beverly Hillbillies
Mrs. Drysdale's father comes to Beverly Hills to visit. When he learns of the Clampetts, he decides he wants to meet them. He visits and ends up playing poker and pool with Jed. But Farquhar loses all his money because his tricks backfire and the Clampetts are better at the games then he could even imagine. In the end, Jed suggests they give up the gambling and just play a friendly game of pool.
The Donna Reed Show
The Close Shave
Jeff thinks he growing a beard, so he buys a shaving kit and shaving supplies.
I Love Lucy
Lucy Hires An English Tutor
Lucy hires an English tutor so that Ricky won't give their yet-to-be-born baby bad speaking habits. The lessons are free, but Lucy does promise the tutor a payback: he'll get to sing at the Tropicana. Of course, Lucy neglects to tell Ricky this.
Leave It to Beaver
Long Distance Call
Beaver and his friends decide to make a call to California to talk to Don Drysdale and they agree to chip in on the cost of the call, assuming that it's only going to be a couple dollars. However, when they're put on hold, the cost quickly jumps up to $9.00.
Leave It to Beaver
Stocks and Bonds
Beaver and Wally become interested in the stock market and Ward decides that they should try their hand at it. However, Wally and Beaver have different ideas about what to invest in compared to Ward who wants them to play it safe and invest in Mayfield Power and Electric, while they want to invest in a more risky venture.
Daniel Boone
The Trap
Boone trails a band of renegades who have robbed his house, terrorized his family, taken Israel hostage, and left Mingo helpless in a bear trap.
The Love Boat
The Return of the Captains Lady
Stubing hears about a former love; a man wants to leave his companion aboard; a man claims he was attacked.
The Mod Squad
Survival House
A recovering drug addict named billy for unknown reasons refuses to defend himself when he is
The Rockford Files
Rattler's Class Of ‘63
Angel marries into a family with a garbage empire after he tries to swindle them out of thousands of dollars, howevfer Jim must invesitgate when one of the brothers is murdered and a TV car salesman is desperate to ensure a secret remains buried.
Hostage (aka "Executive")
The greatest bad-guy character actor of our time, William Smith, plays Jude Bonner, a bad guy who kidnaps, brutalizes, and shoots Miss Kitty in retaliation for his brother having been caught by Matt Dillon and hung for his crimes. Probably for the first time in seventeen years of Gunsmoke, Dillon takes off his marshal's badge before going after Bonner, with the intent of killing him.
The Flannel-Mouth Gun
After watching cattle disappear, the cattleman's association hires a detective in order to determine who is behind the recent thefts. Adam houses fears that small ranch owners will be wrongly accused.
The Big Valley
In an earthquake a mission church collapses into a forgotten mine which lies under it. Victoria is trapped there with a pregnant indian woman and a man with a grudge, a ranch hand that nick recently fired.
Log #175-Con Artists
Reed and malloy respond to a car rollover where a good samaritan makes matters worse. Afterward, they respond to several victims of a well known family of seasonal home improvement con artists before finally catching them in the act. In the meantime, they search for a disgruntled ex-employee who is trying to sabotage his former workplace, and take a drunk driver off the street.
Log #115 - Gang War
Officer reed loses a robbery suspect while in foot pursuit. Afterward, he and his partner try to help a priest prevent bloodshed between rival hispanic gangs, then respond to a battered wife whose husband is very familiar to the officers.
The Old Engine Room
A fireman is injured in a practice drill. Roy and John think they have a buyer for the old fire engine. A man suffers a back injury while riding a motorcycle. A mother pressures Dr. Morton to give her son a prescription. A man having a heart attack comes to the station. DeSoto and Gage rescue a man who has fallen off a cliff on Catalina Island.
The Rifleman
Three-Legged Terror
When a rambunctious teenager wrecks a schoolroom, Lucas McCain, as a member of the North Fork school board, asks the boy's reluctant uncle to pay for the damages.
The Rifleman
The Angry Man
The McCains try to be tolerant of their embittered neighbor Abel MacDonald, who tels Lucas to keep off his land and won't allow his son to become friends with Mark, but they decide he's gone too far when he won't allow his injured boy to get medical treatment.
The Best of Enemies
On his way to some R&R in Tokyo, a North Korean soldier forces Hawkeye to perform an emergency roadside operation on his buddy.
Members of the 4077th share their impressions of war in response to letters from fourth graders in Hawkeye's hometown. Margaret writes about how there are some patients she will never forget, whilst the Colonel tells of his days as 'Hoops'
Gilligan's Island
The Producer
A famous Hollywood producer crash-lands on the island. When he insults Ginger, the castaways stage a "Hamlet" musical play to restore her confidence.
Happy Days
Al tells Chachi about his dull, mundane life, so Chachi suggests that he ask his mother out. He shows up at Arnold's the next night disheveled and tells Chachi that his mother is already seeing someone. Chachi is shocked and vows to get to the bottom of it.
Hogan's Heroes
Nights in shining armor
Hogan schemes to get a French courier and some Allied bulletproof vests out of Germany.
Welcome Back, Kotter
Is it a kiss or artificial respiration when sexy new student Laura faints and Gabe is witnessed in a very compromising position?
Bosom Buddies
Kip off the Old Block
When kip learns his parents are heading for a divorce, it's time for him to play the role of peacemaker.
Bosom Buddies
The Way Kip and Henry Were
Ruth and kip and henry reminisce about how she hired them straight out of school.
The Twilight Zone
A singer searches for an authentic folk song.
Perry Mason
The Screaming Woman
Gossip columnist Mary K. Davis is found murdered and it seems there is no shortage of suspects. There was her politician-husband to whom she refused to grant a divorce. There was her timid secretary whom she bullied. There was the secretary's boyfriend who had some secrets in his past. There was the doctor running an illegal baby-selling scheme whom Mary threatened to expose if he didn't give her a child. Leona Walsh, the doctor's nurse, ends up being charged with the crime and this time Perry h
The Investigation
Friday and Gannon are screening applicants for the Police Academy. One seems to have all the right qualifications, except that six months are missing from his application.
Southwest Division
While responding to a baseless complaint against an elderly artist, malloy decides to buy a random painting out of pity and makes reed envious. Meanwhile, they question a man attempting to break into a gumball machine while his son looks on, get a big surprise after tracking down a suspected peeping tom, deal with a man who comes up with a creative way to avoid having his furniture repossessed, and engage in a game of cat-and-mouse inside the los angeles coliseum with a former football player tu
Night Gallery
Big Surprise/Professor Peabody/Quoth the Raven
An eccentric farmer promises a "big surprise" to a group of boys . . . if they dig for it.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour
Goodbye George
A motion picture star receives a surprising stopover from her ex-convict companion, whom she thought was dead.
What Beckoning Ghost
An ailing pianist fears she is losing her mind when she begins seeing what she thinks is her own funeral.
Wagon Train
Patience Miller Story
Wanted Dead or Alive
Twelve Hours to Crazy Horse
Josh delivers Dan Murdock, wanted for multiple murders, in Mesa City. He learns that the local sheriff is the brother of Crazy Horse's deputy, one of the victims, and it's unlikely that Murdock will arrive safely. Josh goes along to make sure that he does
Make Room For Daddy
Terry's Crush
Dean martin. Danny is alarmed to learn that terry has been spurning classmate, donald cooper, in order to swoon over dean martin. Danny enlists dean to figure out a way to place his wayward teenager back into the arms of the hapless, but far more suitable, donald.
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