Judge Faith

The Driver Who Cried Gun; Dance Floor Lovers


Paternity Court

Lewis v Palmer


Dr. Phil

Hypnotized And Sexually Abused By My Lawyer More

"An attorney convicted of charges related to hypnotizing several female clients and sexually assaulting them was sentenced to 12 years in prison. Former clients claim they hired attorney Michael Fine to handle their divorces, but claim they were hypnotized during legal meetings and when they awoke from the hypnosis, their clothing was askew, and they had no memory of the encounter. Two alleged victims speak out for the first time."

T.D. Jakes

Think Better, Live Better with Joel Osteen More

"On today's show, Pastor Joel Osteen joins Bishop Jakes to discuss his new book, "Think Better, Live Better: A Victorious Life Begins in Your Mind", which explores how we think can have incredible power over our destiny."

Steve Wilkos Show

The Test Will Prove You Wrong! More

"Today on The Steve Wilkos Show, Lauren and John have been together for six months but their relationship is fraught with rumors that John is cheating on Lauren with both women and men. Even more alarming, some of these people include his own family members. Then, Miguel says he wants to spend the rest of his life with Elizabeth. However she must pass a lie detector test. Why? He claims that Elizabeth disappeared on Valentine's Day and just last week she was caught talking to other men. But Elizabeth says she purposely tries to make Miguel jealous because of their constant arguing. What will the results from the lie detector tests mean for these couples? Find out on today's Steve Wilkos Show."

Jerry Springer Show

Betrayed By My Parrot More

"Today, Hannah is a wild girl and takes no shame in stealing men from their girlfriends. She slept with her friend Hana's boyfriend Josh and is unapologetic about it. Unfortunately for Hana and Josh, Hana got tipped off about the affair from a little birdie...literally. Next, Kyosho hopes her confession won't turn into a nightmare. She was born a man but neglected to tell a guy she's been dating named Steven. He reveals to Kyosho that he would like to have children, something she can never give him. Once the truth comes out, will Steve accept her? Plus, Chris is caught up in a love triangle of unusual proportions. He's been seeing a woman named Kerry on the side and hasn't told her that he's married. If that wasn't enough, Chris hasn't told Kerry that he was born a woman. Don't miss a second of the action on today's Jerry Springer Show."

The Verdict with Judge Hatchett


The King of Queens

No Retreat More

Carrie is invited to her company's retreat for the first time and is overcome with excitement. Doug is not so thrilled, however, when he discovers that he must spend the whole weekend sans TV. While away, Carrie mingles with the other lawyers and partners

The King of Queens

Golden Moldy More

Doug and Carrie are having fun on their vacation with their neighbors in St. Croix, but once Arthur calls with a quote on the current mold problem in the house, all is not so fun.

Mike & Molly

Bachelor/Bachelorette More

"Mike's dad comes to town early to attend Mike's bachelor party, which prompts Peggy to attend Molly's bachelorette event."

Mike & Molly

Peg O' My Heart Attack More

"After Peg suffers a heart attack after an intense argument with Molly, Mike blames his wife, who immediately sets out to make amends."

How I Met Your Mother

Purple Giraffe More

"Ted decides to throw a party and invite Robin, so he can "run into her" in a casual way. But when she misses the party, he throws another one the next night...and the next. Lily’s insatiable desire for sex with Marshall prevents him from writing a paper."

How I Met Your Mother

The Stinson Missile Crisis More

"After attempting to break up Barney and Nora’s relationship, Robin recounts how Ted grew fearful of losing his two best friends after Lily became pregnant."

2 Broke Girls

And The Childhood Not Included More

"Caroline accidentally loses one of Han's expensive fish while cleaning the tank, so Max considers selling a sentimental gift from her mother in order to replace the fish."
On Now 9:30pm

2 Broke Girls

And The Temporary Distraction More

"To make ends meet, Caroline and Max take office temp jobs. The boss hits on Max while Caroline sees herself moving up into a big corporate job."


The Truth More

George's relationship with a former IRS worker may ease Jerry's tax audit worries- until she becomes his former girlfriend. She wants to know why, so he tells her the truth, this was after he gave her Jerry's tax records. Elaine sees far too much of Krame


The Switch More

Elaine lets a potential employer borrow Mr. Pitt's tennis racket, but the injury suffered may ruin her chances, especially when she must get his racket back. Jerry's girlfriend never laughs, but he meets her roommate who does, so Jerry decides he would li
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Rules Of Engagement

Young and the Restless More

Audrey bets Jeff that he can't get a phone number from a younger woman and gives him a night without his wedding ring to try. Jennifer is mad at Adam beacuse thier bed was bought with his ex. Later, Adam feels the same, except that Jennifer, talking about
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Rules Of Engagement

They Do? More

Adam and Jennifer plan a secret wedding; however, a series of unfortunate events puts their plan in jeopardy. Meanwhile, to keep Russell and Timmy from finding out about the ceremony, Adam tells them he is staging an intervention for Jeff.
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Family Guy

Peter's Progress More

"Cleveland’s psychic cousin reads Peter’s past, when Peter was the founder of the city of Quahog."
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Family Guy

Quagmire and Meg More

"When Meg finally turns 18, Quagmire seizes the opportunity to pursue his next romantic conquest. As the new couple's relationship blossoms, Peter stops at nothing to come in between his daughter and his creepy friend."
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Pawn Stars

Necessary Roughness More

"Necessary Roughness from the History Channel series Pawn Stars shows grandson, Corey, betting against his grandfather, Old Man, over the value of a rare 1978 Stretch Serpent toy. The Gold & Silver shop crew also looks at secret documents from World War II, a leather football helmet and bayonets from the Franco-Prussian War."
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Judge Faith

Tattoo Me Beautiful More

"A man claims his tattoo artist messed up the art on his chest because he was distracted."
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Paternity Court

Fuller/Fuller v Nelson More

"A Florida woman is upset that her beloved grandchild may not be her son's child after all."
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