Judge Faith

Unfriended Cousins More

"A family feud over unpaid rent escalates into a fist fight and both sides want restitution."

Paternity Court

Kennedy v. Pope More

"A man questions whether he's the father of a child because the mother was involved with other men while seeing him."

Dr. Phil

Glamour Model Speaks Out: Did She Fake Her Own Kidnapping? More

"Did a British glamour model fake her own kidnapping? Chloe Ayling claims she was lured to a modeling shoot where she was abducted by masked men, drugged, restrained and held for six days. But, some are doubting her story after it was revealed the model didn't tell police about shopping in public with her alleged kidnapper. In a daytime exclusive, she tells her story to Dr. Phil."

Paternity Court

Allen v.Toliver More

"A Georgia woman hopes a DNA test result will end her ex's paternity doubt and motivate him to accept the child, who has a serious health condition."

Couples Court



Steve Wilkos Show

Did You Move A Predator Into Your Home? More

"On today's Steve Wilkos Show, Lakeysha met Brandon online and a month later he moved in with Lakeysha and her daughter. Their relationship was great until her brother David, and sister Naquita found out that Brandon had been investigated not once, but twice for accusations of child molestation. While Lakeysha believes Brandon is innocent, David and Naquita worry that Lakeysha's daughter could potentially be Brandon's next target. Plus, Amanda and Carl recently got engaged and were looking forward to planning their wedding. Unfortunately things changed last week when Amanda accused Carl of molesting their 1 year old daughter. Carl contends he was only consoling their daughter during a vulnerable moment, but Amanda says what she saw was molestation."

Jerry Springer Show

Booty From The Backpage More

"Sarah has been with her man Quad for a couple of years, but suspects he's up to no good. She discovered a suggestive video on his phone but Quad brushes it off as there's nothing to it. But Sarah believes otherwise and says its time for her to put a thirsty gold digging woman in her place. Next, Irmani says it might be time to call it quits when it comes to her marriage with her wife Timone. Irmani says that Timone's insecurity has but destroyed their relationship and she can't take it any longer. But Timone says Irmani has a track record and fears that she may secretly want to be with a man instead of her. Later, Taylor wants to saddle up the girl of his dreams. The problem is that there are two women involved and he can't decide who he should be with. To help him decide, Taylor wants these women to wrestle for his heart in a tub of mud with the winner earning him as the grand prize. Which one of these women will have Taylor's love and affection in a submisson hold?"

The King of Queens

Tank Heaven More

"Doug sabotages Carrie's attempts to start hanging out with her co-workers by scaring them off with several crude techniques. Meanwhile, Spence and Danny realize that women like men who take care of the elderly and start using Arthur as bait."

The King of Queens

Rayny Day More

"When Ray Barone calls and asks Doug if he wants to play golf at his private club, Doug cancels on his friend Richie who he was going to spend the day with in order to comfort him after his divorce. But when a huge thunderstorm lets loose, Doug's day of golf turns into a fiasco, and he high-tails it back to his garage to Richie. Meanwhile, Ray's mother, Marie, arrives at the Heffernan's early to pick Ray up and gives Carrie a lesson in cleaning which Carrie milks for all it's worth."

Mike & Molly

Vince Takes a Bath More

"Joyce bails when Vince throws out his back, forcing Mike and Molly to take care of him. Meanwhile, the newlyweds also have trouble writing personalized thank-you notes for their wedding gifts."

Mike & Molly

The Wreck of the Vincent Moranto


The Game

Stay Fierce, Malik More

"During an exclusive interview with Extra's Tanika Ray, Robin Givens insinuates that Malik is gay, and for that reason he wants to break up with her. Meanwhile, Malik learns Clay, (guest star Marcello Thedford), who is one of the other football players is also gay but he hasn't told anyone. Also Derwin confronts Melanie about her relationship with the doctor at the hospital."

The Game

Insert Car Here More

"Jason loses his mind when he finds Kelly on a date with another man named Joe, in the car he gave her for a gift. Melanie tries connecting with Derwin without physical intimacy. Tasha is forced to face her relatiosnhip insecurities."

2 Broke Girls

And The Icing On The Cake More

"Deke invites Max's friends over for a gathering at his dumpster, Caroline quickly learns an enormous secret about his financial background."

2 Broke Girls

And The Crime Ring More

"Max and Caroline are arrested for breaking into a cute guy's apartment to retrieve some rings Caroline left there after she spent the night."


The Apartment More

"When old Mrs. Hudwalker dies, Jerry has the great idea to offer Elaine the newly vacant -- and outrageously cheap -- apartment just above his own, but only realizes the setbacks of such an arrangement after she already has one foot in the door. Kramer tests out a new look for himself, while George experiments with a wedding ring and an old superstition."
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The Keys More

"Kramer invades Jerry's life too much, so Jerry revokes his spare key privileges. Realizing that he has broken the "covenant of the keys" gives Kramer the realization he is now free to come out of the shadows. Kramer takes off for California to follow his acting dream. Jerry gave his spare keys to Elaine, then when he needs them, he goes with George to Elaine's (who has her keys) to search for his spare set. What they find is Elaine's show-biz project. Kramer finds adventure as he journeys across the country to LA where he gets a famous bit part on Murphy Brown."

Rules Of Engagement

Optimal Male More

Jeff's (Patrick Warburton) drive to be labeled an "optimal male" on his life-insurance physical leads him to some extreme behavior, while Adam's (Oliver Hudson) over-friendliness with an ex-girlfriend unsettles Jennifer (Bianca Kajlich). Meanwhile, Audrey
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Rules Of Engagement

Jeff's Wooby More

Audrey is scared by Jeff's constant reminiscing about each t-shirt's significance. After a little while, she starts to wonder if his best times in life may have come before her. Russell thinks he's got the perfect girl when she keeps making sexy comments
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How I Met Your Mother

Aldrin Juice More

"Barney seduces Marshall's law professor in hopes of getting her to grade more leniently, and Lily takes a job at Ted's office."
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Family Guy

Deep Throats More

"Brian and Stewie go undercover in order to expose the mayor as corrupt after Meg gets a job as intern in his office; and Peter and Lois revert to their old habits from the 60’s after entering a local talent show."
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Impractical Jokers

Theater del Absurado More

"Four friends compete to embarrass each other in the ultimate hidden camera showdown. The guys raise money for absurd charities at a donut shop, join diners mid-meal in a Chinese restaurant, and offer unsolicited advice to shoppers in a mall."
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Paid Program

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Couples Court


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The Verdict with Judge Hatchett

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Judge Faith

Jailbirds of a Feather; A Beautiful Trashcan More

"A woman loans her best friend some money after they both get out of jail, but says she never paid her back; A landlord wants money for property personally damaged by a tenant, but the tenant says the house is in disrepair."
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