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My Mother Lied About My Real Father And Hid The Truth In A Letter Tucked Inside Her Bible

"DNA unlocks a mystery from decades earlier. Sherri says she was shocked to receive a letter in the mail 16 years ago from a little girl, Sarah, who claimed they were sisters and shared the same father - a man named Wayne. When Sherri confronted her mother, Betty, with the allegation, she claims her mother snatched the letter and hid it in her Bible until Sherri finally found it two years ago. To this day, Betty claims she didn't know Wayne well, and shouldn't matter anyway, because her daughter had a perfectly good life. Sherri's older sister, Dana, claims Sherri was always treated like an outcast and as a result is so angry that it has adversely affected her life and how she parents her own children. And later, hear from Sherri's biological father, Wayne, and his daughter, Sarah, who wrote that fateful letter so many years ago. They say there are reasons why their relationship with Sherri has now become difficult. Will there ever be closure for this family?"