Become an expert communicator with these 5 tips

This morning on The Jam, our hosts spoke with communication expert Sherhara Downing. She provided excellent tips to improve your communication skills in the workplace. Whether you are starting a new job or just want to build better relationships in the workplace, these tips are will make you an expert in the communication realm.

Stay Positive

The “golden rule” applies in the workplace. Whatever you put out is the same energy that will comeback to you. So keep the positive vibes flowing with a bright smile and friendly greetings. That positivity is what you would want to be known for in your work environment. 

Give Praise

Everyone wants to know they are going a good job. Be observant of the positive things others are doing and compliment them for their hard work. If someone has been extremely helpful on one of your new projects or stay late to finish something, let them know they are appreciated.  

Get Personal

Build genuine connections with one another. People are often encouraged to separate work from their personal lives. However, Sherhara suggest building connections to show humility. We are more than what we do at our desks, so integrate a piece of your life into your work environment. Just know what is appropriate to share, and when. 

Actively Participate

Do not be the downer in the room. When you are invited out with by your co-workers, attend the events. We know that after a long day sometimes you want to jet out the door, but sometimes take the time to meet up with your co-workers. You spend majority of your day working with them, make sure you have some bonding time. 

Avoid the Petty

Be the last (or close to last) person to find out about the office gossip. You defiantly do not want to be at the center of office drama. You also do not want that reputation at work.

Sherhara gave some great tips to apply in your work life situation. Make sure you stay tuned to The Jam every morning at 6am to see what other great people we will be chatting with.