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Rookie Blue

Serve or Protect More

"Andy and Sam look for proof that Andy's dad didn't committ a murder while he was blacked out from drinking. A masked vigilante steals Chris and Dov's squad car which in turn unintentionally helps nab a drug dealer."

Rookie Blue

In Blue More

"The rookies will soon learn how they did on their evaluations and whether they get to stay on the force. Andy has a terrible experience involving a suspicious death that makes her consider leaving."

Corrupt Crimes

Hit and Run More

"A Kentucky airline pilot murdered for money and in the UK former golf pro attacked by his wife's young lover."

Corrupt Crimes

Date with Death More

"In Washington State a husband goes missing and in the UK could there be killer swingers?"

Rules Of Engagement

Zygote More

When Jeff and Audrey see a fertility specialist with their surrogate, they discover a zygote. Meanwhile, Russell and Timmy go on double dates again.

Rules Of Engagement

The Set Up More

When Russell discovers Timmy has a sister, he aims to impress. Meanwhile, Jeff and Audrey set their neighbor Liz up on a date.

The King of Queens

Eggsit Strategy More

"Carrie hears that her law firm is laying off people and worries about her own job. Meanwhile, Doug is in hot water with Deacon when he loses the koosh ball Deacon received from his son as a gift."

The King of Queens

American Idle More

"Doug gets annoyed with Carrie when she loses her job and, rather than looking for employment, becomes extremely unmotivated. When Doug confronts Carrie about her laziness, she gets upset, claiming that she is simply trying to find herself. Carrie then enlists the help of Arthur and opens up her own company making decorative cell phone covers. However, when she invites her friends over to buy some of the covers, she realizes a new line of work might be in order."

Mike & Molly

Victoria Runs Away More

"Mike finds himself caught in the middle when Molly argues with her family over Victoria's problems with men."

Mike & Molly

Carl Meets A Lady More

"Carl attempts to get a date with an attractive woman he met at the diner."

2 Broke Girls

And The Hold-Up More

"The employees of the Williamsburg diner see Han in a new light after he stops a robbery. Meanwhile, the robbery puts a strain on Max and Caroline's friendship."

2 Broke Girls

And The Cupcake War More

"Max and Caroline try to take their cupcake business to the next level by auditioning for the reality cooking show, Cupcake Wars."

How I Met Your Mother

Splitsville More

"Barney helps Robin break up with Nick when she is hesitant to do so herself. Ted and Marshall play basketball, and Lily and Marshall desperately look for some time alone."

How I Met Your Mother

Band or DJ? More

"Ted pressures Robin and Barney to hire a DJ for their wedding reception, but they want a band. Robin introduces Barney to her father, who won’t give them his blessing to marry."

2 Broke Girls

And The Pre-Approved Credit Card More

"Caroline and Max disagree over how to use their new credit card. Meanwhile, Earl's son, played by Cedric the Entertainer, comes for a visit."

2 Broke Girls

And The Candy Manwich More

"The attractive owner of a local candy store is sweet on Caroline, but she's too embarrassed to date him after she had a mishap in the store."


The Cigar Store Indian More

"Jerry helps George out with a coffee table stain and makes Elaine take the subway home and gives her Mr. Costanza's TV Guide to read. While on the train, Elaine meets a strange man obsessed with television. George meets a woman at a refinishing store who he brings back to his parent's home and passes it off as his. A female Native American that he is interested in thinks Jerry is racially insensitive when he presents Elaine with a cigar-store Indian as a peace offering. George gets grounded when his parents return from vacation and find a prophylactic wrapper in their bed and a missing TV Guide. Kramer has an idea for a coffee table book on coffee tables that Elaine doesn't like but Mr. Lippman does."
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The Conversion More

"George changes his religion to Latvian Orthodox to keep his girlfriend who must break up with him for religious reasons. Jerry finds a tube of fungus cream in his girlfriend's medicine cabinet and fakes an illness until he can figure out what the cream is used for. He asks Elaine to ask her current boyfriend who's a podiatrist. Kramer meets a sister at George's new church who becomes infatuated with him. "
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Cheaters Weekend

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Judge Faith

Barbershop Brawl; Squabbling Siblings More

"A man hires a friend to work in his salon, but things go wrong when they get too close; A woman claims she loaned her brother money but he has never repaid her."
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