Star Jones stops by 'The Jam' to give tips about progressing in the workplace

In honor of Women's History Month, media powerhouse, Star Jones stopped by 'The Jam.' Star Jone is not only a television mogul but has plenty of experience in a variety of workplace settings as a lawyer and journalist. She is an advocate for women's rights and the president of the International Association of Women. She dropped a few tokens of advice for every woman to put in her back pocket. Here are her top three tips for being a G.A.L in the workplace.

G - Go above your job description

Don't just do the bare minimum. If you want to advance, step out there. Show that you can be reliable to manage a project or lead a team.

A - Avoid the office gossip

You only need to be working on what brings value to your company and not focus on anything else. 

L - Be a leader when it is time

Step into the space that was created for you. Do not be afraid to take the lead. 

For more insights from Star Jones, watch the video below!