Storage Wars


Paternity Court

Campbell v Hopper More

A California man is ready and willing to step up and be a parent if he is indeed the father of a woman's 3-year-old girl.

Supreme Justice


Supreme Justice


Mike & Molly

Molly Can't Lie More

Molly and Mike are left without a wedding chapel when Molly's attitude doesn't sit well with the priest.

Mike & Molly

Jim Won't Eat More

Molly is shocked when Peggy asks her to take care of her dog while she has gallbladder surgery, and Mike surprises her by saying that he wants to be buried next to her when he dies.

All American

Murder Was The Case More

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All American: Homecoming

Confessions More

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The Shoes More

Jerry and George struggle to keep their idea for a TV series alive, one of their problems is they don't know how to do the Elaine character. Jerry meets an old girlfriend he never could kiss, later Kramer gets the opportunity. The ex-girlfriend talks about Elaine's shoes, mainly because she wants them. George is caught staring at the cleavage of the daughter of the NBC executive who is approving their script. Elaine's cleavage provides a means to turn the tables on him.


The Comeback More

George has trouble thinking of a comeback to a comment made by Reilly; he does think of one, but it's a little to late. Jerry buys a new tennis racket from a supposed professional. Elaine and Kramer discuss video picks. Elaine prefers picks by Vincent. He prefers picks by Gene or his own. He watches his latest pick and it makes him concerned about spending the rest of his life in a coma. Elaine is intrigued when she receives a phone call from the mysterious Vincent. Jerry discovers that the tenn

The King of Queens

Oxy Moron More

As Doug and Carrie's plane makes an unexpectedly rough landing, Doug takes the only available oxygen mask for himself and doesn't think twice about Carrie. She is hurt that he would think of himself first, while he doesn't think that he's done anything wrong. It's not until Carrie says that she will forever see him differently that Doug feels guilty for what he did and tries to prove to her that if her life were in danger, he would save her. Meanwhile, Spence needs to find a new place to live an

The King of Queens

Nocturnal Omission More

When Doug hears from Carrie that Deacon's ex-wife wants to reunite with him after a two-year separation, he can't decide whether or not to give Deacon the heads-up. When Deacon informs Doug that he just met a beautiful stewardess and is spending the entire weekend with her, Doug decides not to tell him about his ex-wife's plans to reunite with him. But when Carrie discovers this, she demands that Doug tell Deacon so he doesn't ruin his chances of getting back with Kelly.

2 Broke Girls

And The Piece of Sheet More

Caroline splurges on hair extensions and buys Max some new sheets. But Caroline doesn't realize when she throws away the old set that Max's old pillowcase has sentimental value.

2 Broke Girls

And the Dad Day Afternoon More

Han's new therapist suggests that Max needs to confront her "daddy issues" and fear of intimacy, so she reluctantly heads to Rhode Island to track down her birth father with the diner gang in tow. Meanwhile, Oleg gets upset when Sophie asks him to help out around the house.

Family Guy

Big Trouble in Little Quahog


Paid Program


Bob's Burgers

Nude Beach More

Hugo, the loathsome health inspector who torments Bob, quits his job to become a nudist after discovering the town's new nude beach. His replacement, Tommy, seems nice enough until he blackmails the Belchers into letting him perform his terrible music at the restaurant, which drives all the customers away. Unable to tolerate it anymore, Bob decides upon the lesser of two evils and braves the nude beach (and bares... well, everything else) to find Hugo and bring him back.

Impractical Jokers

The Great Escape


Highway Thru Hell


Storage Wars