Relationship Advice from The Cutlers

The Cutlers are the first-ever married couple to preside together in the courtroom. They have been married for 29 years and have some advice that every couple needs to have a long-lasting relationship. Check out the list below! For more tips, watch their Facebook Live interview! You can see The Cutlers in action on Couples Court, weekdays at 9:30A on The U! 


Establish Social Media Rules

Ever body is on social media whether they like it or not. For a couple to be successful in the digital age, they must establish some social media guidelines. Does liking an ex's Instagram post count as cheating? Will you change your relationship status on Facebook? Those are all questions that need to be answered for a couple to live harmoniously. 


Stick to the Issues

Arguments in a relationship are inevitable, but you have to stick to the issues when trying to work out a disagreement. The Cutlers apply their legal background to their marriage when it comes to talking it out. Learn to fight fairly.


Whatever You Did to Get Them...Keep Doing It

As time goes on the "honeymoon" stage can be replace by mundane routines, but it doesn't have to get that way. Keep doing the things you did when you first started dating. This keeps the relationship moving forward.