Kia, Hyundai Thefts Surge After TikTok Video Goes Viral

Thefts are surging throughout the United States — with more than 600 thefts in Cook County — after a TikTok video from a group of teens showed how to start Hyundais and Kias without keys.

Have a new Kia or Hyundai? Here's what to do...
Officials are encouraging anyone who owns a 2011 or newer model Kia or a 2015 or newer model Hyundai to follow these safety precautions:
• Use a steering wheel locking device.
• Try to park in well-lighted areas.
• Keep your doors locked at all times.
• Do not keep personal items or valuables in your car.
• Consider aftermarket alarm systems or anti-theft devices.
• Report any suspicious activity, especially during evening or overnight hours.

For more information:

Cook County Sheriff Car Theft Alert

Cook County Sheriff Carjacking Tracking Partnership

09/09/22 12:00PM