Caroline Rhea, a.k.a Aunt Hilda from 'Sabrina', supplies all the laughs in our interview

Caroline Rhea has been gracing our screens and making us laugh for nearly two decades. This Canadian comedian is known for her role as the zany Aunt Hilda on Sabrina the Teenage Witch and her appearances on games shows such as Hollywood Squares. She is now on the comedic game show Funny You Should Ask, which airs weeknights on The U at 11:30 PM.

She told us about her experiences in Chicago and about her favorite project.

What makes the Chicago comedy scene so unique?

"Chicago has an amazing comedy scene. I played at a club called Zanies before and it was great. I visited  Chicago another time for a wedding. It was so hot, I said, Is the core of the Earth booked already? They had to expedite the wedding. People over 70 were dropping like flies. It also gets really cold here, like the hurt-your-feelings cold. I am from Canada, so I am used to it."

What is your favorite project that you have worked on?

"Funny You Should Ask because it is comedians altogether. Before, we would meet up at diners and just sit there. I like being on game shows because you get to root someone else on."

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