Four life lessons from Mike & Molly that everyone should know

For six seasons Mike and Molly gave us lot a laughter, but that is not all they left. The characters gave us a host of life lessons that can be applied daily. Here are a few of our favorite moments and lessons. For more, watch Mike & Molly at 6 and 6:30PM on The U! 

Mike and Molly's first date ended a little unexpectedly.

Life Lesson No. 1: Never take cough syrup and then go out on a date, if you don't want to end the night like this.

Molly tries to talk about her problems with Joyce and Victoris during Zumba

Lesson No. 2: Just shut up and dance!

Mike asks Carl to help him search for a gift for Molly. However, Carl's Nana gives the best advice.

Lesson No. 3: Just listen and you will get the answer.

After a rough start, Mike and Molly got married. 

Life Lesson No. 4: Love conquerors all.