Don't Miss Murphy & Pretzel in the return of In The Dark Tonight

In three seasons, Murphy Mason has gone from a lazy receptionist to a drunken vigilante detective to a drug front proprietor, and now, she's a woman-on-the-run. Oh, did we also mention she's blind? In Season Three of In The Dark, Murphy, and primetime's favorite service dog, Pretzel find themselves faced with yet another dilemma - how to avoid getting caught for murder.

But it turns out, the authorities aren’t the only ones after them - they’re also wanted by high-powered drug kingpin Josiah, so they seek out some help to keep out of his crosshairs. Meanwhile, after a short-lived relationship with Murphy, federal agent Josh Wallace discovers her involvement in the most important case of his career while Ashe focuses all efforts on putting Murphy and her friends away forever, he teams up with Chicago PD officer Gene Clemens for a rogue cat-and-mouse mission.

Tune in tonight at 8P for the season premiere of In The Dark on CW26.