Lakeview clothing shop The Alley is making a comeback with added bite

Image: The Alley / Instagram

Many were saddened after The Alley clothing store closed in 2016. It was a Lakeview’ staple and had been in the community for 40 years. Due to economic shifts, online shopping and overhead cost, the owner, Mark Thomas, decided to close. The store was filled with an ample supply of punk-rock apparel ranging from leather jackets to band tees and more. However, there is no reason to miss it anymore. This store is coming back — with a twist. 

According to DNAinfo, Thomas is partnering with Michael Markellos, the owner of Philly's Best sandwhich shop, to open a reimagined version of the store. The new shop will be called The Alley 1776. There will be cafe on the first floor and a smaller-scale version of The Alley clothing store on the second floor. The new space is designed to be a place where people can come relax, and of course do a little shopping. 

There are still many plans in the works for the location. The owners want to incorporate the Lakeview community into the space. The cafe is expected to open first and then the clothing portion. This punk-rock hybrid is well on its way to bringing a fresh spin to the Lakeview neighborhood.