Parkland students to join Chicago activists for Maurice Granton and gun violence

Calls for transparency in the police shooting of Maurice Granton are growing louder, and reaching across the country. Parkland school activists are now adding their voices to the conversation.

They will come from Florida and join young Chicago activists at City Hall to draw attention to Maurice Granton’s shooting by Chicago Police, and gun violence in the area.

According to the Civilian Office Of Police Accountability (COPA), Granton was shot in the back three times after a narcotics investigation. Police say he ran away and pulled out a gun. That’s when an officer fired the fatal shots.

Police have since released video showing what they say is Granton moments before the shooting reaching for a weapon, after community residents said he didn’t have one. However, it is unclear what the person in the footage is doing. Activists with Black Lives Matter Chicago have noted the weapon in the video doesn’t appear to be the same that Chicago Police released a picture of.

Granton was 24-Years-old and is survived by two children.

CPD has yet to release the body cam footage. Attorneys for the family, community groups and activists with “Good Kids Mad City” say it’s crucial to get a full picture of what took place. Now they are getting help all the way from Florida.

COPA typically releases all video evidence within 60 days. We’ll keep you posted on the latest.