Three times that Doug and Deacon were the the ultimate friend goals

Doug and Deacon have a bromance that would rival even the tightest friendships. These two work together and hang out with each other, without seriously driving each other nuts - now that is an accomplishment. These two pals are truly friend goals. Here are three times that Doug and Deacon taught us how to be a better friend. To see more of these besties, watch The King of Queens weekdays at 5 & 5:30P on The U! 

1. They accept each other how they are.  

No need to get all dressed up. Pants are not even required with these buddies. 

2. They comfort one another. 

A true friend lends a shoulder to cry on. 

3. They are always available to give advice. 

Doug and Deacon count on one another to keep each other in line.