Saturday Night is Movie Night on CW26

This weekend, enjoy a movie from the comfort of your own couch with CW26 Saturday Prime Movie!

In the 2002 sci-fi action comedy, Men in Black II, five years have passed since Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) retired, had his memories wiped, and returned to his normal life. Meanwhile, top agent of the MIB, Agent J (Will Smith) is called to investigate the mysterious death of an alien and learns that the death was caused by shapeshifting alien Serleena and her two-headed servant who are in pursuit of the Light of Zartha. As Agent J works to uncover what is known about the Light of Zartha, he discovers all leads point to former partner Agent K. Racing against the clock, Agent J must convince Agent K of his past with the MIB and team up to save the Earth from destruction (again).

Join in the intergalactic journey Saturday at 7P on CW26