The Fight to Turn A Massive Piece of Land Sitting Vacant In Chicago Into A New Neighborhood

A piece of Chicago property, in the South Loop, has been vacant for decades and it's passed through the hands of a list of characters with felony convictions and even ties to President Donald Trump.

Chicago Sun-Times reporter Tim Novak explains how impactful this land is to commuters and residents.

“It’s important to know all political insiders who wanted to develop the land party because of the people involved and their troubles,” says Novak.

The main men involved with this property are Tony Rezko, who spent more than eight years in prison after working with Governor Rod Blagojevich, Nadhmi Auchi who was once convicted of accepting illegal commissions in an oil deal in France and Felix Sater, a convicted felon with ties to President Donald Trump.

“This property was considered a political toxic that no one would actually help develop this land,” says Novak. “And this land can’t really be developed without some city subsidies because it’s impossible to.”

Auchi still owns the land on Roosevelt and Clark. He plans to build homes, offices and retail marketing it as “the 78” neighborhood In Chicago.

This property is in the 25th ward where Alderman Danny Solis has been busy cooperating with a federal investigation and our current mayor is on his way out.

“This piece of property is slated for development Mayor Rahm Emanuel is trying to get this property off a tarmac before he leaves office next month,” says Novak.

Novak says if approved and completed the “neighborhood” would be like a link between The Loop and Chinatown.

“It would alleviate traffic because it would be a way to get in and out of the property without costing existing traffic on current street.”

A decision on the property will have to wait until the city council meets this week. If it’s not approved, convincing Mayor Elect Lori Lightfoot is next.

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04/08/19 7:37AM