Costume Inspiration from '2 Broke Girls'

Max and Caroline from '2 Broke Girls' have done a lot of odd jobs in their attempts to save their cupcake business, including dressing up in various costumes. Han and Earl have even been seen in some pretty outrageous outfits as well. In honor of Halloween, here are their best costume moments. Maybe you can use some of these as inspiration for your Halloween costume this year. You can watch '2 Broke Girls' weekdays at 9 & 9:30P on The U!

Max and Earl as a French maid and butler

Caroline's grandmother may have forgotten that their family is broke, but we won't forget Max and Earl dressing up to make her grandmother think otherwise. 

Max and Caroline in burlesque costumes

Max and Caroline spice things up with these outfits.

Han's Thanksgiving outfit

Han welcomes the season dressed as corn stocks and fall foliage. 

Max as an elf

Max took on an extra job at a department store during the holiday season. However, we think her new uniform is quite hilarious.

Max and Caroline as cupcakes

There have been a lot of costumes seen on 2 Broke Girls, but this one takes the cake (pun intended).