Obama Center plans have been revamped again

Updated 1/10/17

The Obama Foundation has once again made changes to the plans for the Obama Presidential Library. The residents of the community have had many concerns in regards to the parking situation and the preservation of Jackson Park. However, the Obama Foundation has decided to move the planned parking structure underground. The decision was made in direct response to the requests of community members. 

The Obama Foundation has labeled the process a community partnership and wants the residents of the area to be included in the planning. The parking lot revamp has come shortly after the announcement of the construction managers for the library. The construction team will include Turner Construction Company, one of the biggest construction managers in the country, and four small Chicago-area firms: Powers & Sons Construction, UJAMAA Construction, Brown & Momen, and Safeway Construction, which are established and well-respected African-American owned firms in the city.

The plans for the library are moving forward, but have not been completed approved yet. There are multiple city and federal approvals needed before the center can break ground.

For an inside look of the new Obama Center, click here.

*Photo:  Obama Foundation